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Export railroad line with stations

Hello I am wishing to extract a railroad line with all the stations that this line crosses, ignoring if the stations are no longer in use and I wish to omit the level crossings. How do I do this? I have been trying for some days to extract the data precisely and I am not succeeding. Can someone help me?

My query:
  nwr["name"="Ferrocarril Mitre: Córdoba → Retiro"]({{bbox}});
  nwr["name"="Ferrocarril Mitre: Retiro → Córdoba"]({{bbox}});
// print results
/*added by auto repair*/
/*end of auto repair*/
/*added by auto repair*/
/*end of auto repair*/
out meta;/*fixed by auto repair*/
out meta qt;/*fixed by auto repair*/

  text : name;
  color: blue;


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