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#1 2019-08-08 16:29:22

From: Antwerpen
Registered: 2017-08-19
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Succinct steps to add a Relation in iD-editor

To add a Relation in iD-editor:

1/ while on : pick any way which will form part of the new Relation ;

2/ in the left hand pane, under All Relations pick the ' + ' ; an empty relation box appears ;

3/ start typing (in this example, I'm adding a recently signposted Cycle Route) : 'Cycle Route ' (up to this point, the name of the nearest existing Cycle Route will be suggested) : just continue typing the proposed name of the new Relation ;

4/ a two-line 'table' appears, in de box below the name 'Cycle Route [name of the new Relation]' you'll see 'New Relation' : click that ...

5/ the sidebar content changes, click 'Route Features'  > 'Cycle Route' ;

6/ add any relevant particulars such as : colour=red , distance=*km , name=[name of the new Relation] , route=bicycle , type=route and network='lcn' or 'rcn' - as appropriate and conforming to loval and worldwide OSM conventions ;

7/ click the tickmark in the upper right hand corner of the sidebar / edit box : that's it : Relation created.

In map edit view : pick the next way to add to the relation et voila, automagically the relation name you just created appears as top suggestion : accept and continue.

Any questions? Or a suggestion where to place these steps in for example the wiki or add it to LearnOSM/iD-editor Please let me know.


#2 2022-02-09 02:52:08

Yitzchak M
New Member
Registered: 2022-01-24
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Re: Succinct steps to add a Relation in iD-editor

Perfect! Your directions were spot on! I was stuck. I asked Professor Google for some help. He led me to you and voila! Thanks!  smile


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