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#1 2021-04-20 18:18:25

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Access redundancy in National Roads

Quite recently, I have seen access=yes appear on National Roads (highway=trunk). I do not know what makes that tag necessary, because I thought that access to such roads is assumed to be all-purpose.

I ask this because Osmose has been whining about “Overly permissive access” (source).

No one has to be 100% perfect at OpenStreetMap.


#2 2021-04-21 13:23:40

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Re: Access redundancy in National Roads

I would agree this is unnecessary redundant data.

However, Osmose is also incorrect in highlighting this as an error or warning, highway=trunk in the UK (and AFAIK) Ireland does not imply ANY restrictions on any mode of transport. In other countries, notably Germany & Poland I know highway=trunk is only used for roads which, for instance, don't allow pedestrians and bicycles.


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