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Re: Why o why series..

kucai wrote:

I've just encountered another big problem. Somebody is expanding non-existent street names.

That's Kaart's handiwork from last year. Someone from their team did ask me a few questions about these street names, but definitely for random places. I could only recall discussing around Bandar Laguna Merbok township in Sungai Petani, Kedah with Jalan BLM x scheme. I strongly urged them to leave mapped street names as they are (Jalan BLM x scheme) rather than expanding it into supposedly their "full form". Also, because I stressed enough that I've been mapping around there as well, there's that.

If this got in the way during arguments, well, then, wait until they see this.

Fast forward, few months later. Some street names with capitalised case (because they're acronyms), were changed into proper sentence cases e.g. Jalan ABRACADABRA were edited into Jalan Abracadabra, too. mad


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Bernhard Hiller
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Re: Why o why series..

Short names or full names... Asian people seem to prefer the short version - "KL" instead of Kuala Lumpur.
In 2010, I travelled to Kerala (India). My first hotel was in Kochi, Durbar Hall Road. According to my GPS, I was already about to arrive there, but I hadn't seen a road sign for Durbar Hall Road yet. Perhaps it was just on a junction with another road, and that perpendicular road the correct name... Till I found out that "DH Road" was already Durbar Hall Road. European would shorten that to Durbar Hall rd., not DH Road. "Who's 'rd'?" would Indians - and likely also Malaysians - wonder.
Later on, I learned that virtually every village has an MG road. Can you translate it?


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Re: Why o why series..

Depends though. We'd still go the short form as written on the road signs. (the long form is probably used as quick reference by people in the related adminstration/maintenance department only just so they know which part of the city the street is). Can you imagine how long the road signs would be if it is truly the unabbreviated version? we probably couldn't even fully read it in time while passing by in our cars. big_smile 

BTW, this happened in some districts Negeri Sembilan, where the the letters on the roadsigns are too small and additionally crowded with jawi letterings on top. Basically none of the photos that I took during that journey was readable. Hell, I could only make out the spelling when the road signs are about 20 meters in front of the car. Somebody in the district office probably forgot to refer to the road department standards for road signs.


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