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favorites uneditable - titles/photos not being displayed

dear all, I do need your help with a curious problem, my favourites are visible, their titles/descriptions are not

have been using osmand for some time and added favourites (details) and photos could always be accessed by a long tap. with clustered favourites you would be offered a list of favourites in the vicinity and could choose which to (re)view/edit

I opened osmand yesterday for the first time in a month maybe and I cannot access any of my favourites, cannot view the title/description of any of the symbols, nor view photos

when exporting favourites of one folder/category their names display in the email as inline text, but I need to edit the names/numbers and descriptions within osmand as was possible up til now.

I have 150 odd favourites in one group/category alone that are numbered chronologically and that make up sort of a parcours

cannot figure what setting I may have accidentally messed up or what else might have caused this. I can only display points of a group by adding a new favourite, chosing the folder/category but I lose the ability to edit/view the new point as soon as I finish adding it. Titles/descriptions of existing points can only be viewed after adding a new point to the category but this is useless, highly confusing and no workaround at all.

hope I have explained my problem comprehensibly

I am seriously non-plussed and hope someone can help


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