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healthsites, healthcare - ressources providing data for the world

good day dear community,

I've been working with healthcare in the past, but most of what I have seen is proprietary. I'm interested in reproducible research hence my need for open data. Any suggestions?

see for example some ressources: https://npgeo-corona-npgeo-de.hub.arcgi … 10975b87_0 

and the other ones:
- Spain - healthsites: … f5398fb79f
- Africa OSM Health Facilities: 4.608 records :: Africa OSM Health Facilities … facilities

- USA: Hospitals: … 9%2C74.544

This feature layer, utilizing data from the Department of Health and Human Services

questions: can i work with the data and maps and thelike from above!?  Is this possible?!

btw: the - project provides data that is very limited - i think that the do not have the full set of data (of openstreetmap) i guess that there is only a small amount and subset of data (of osm) derived...  therefore i guess that only delivers a weak set of data - worse and not usable for my goals... - interested in all things concerning osm especially those related to the languages Perl, PHP, Python and the databases MySQL and Postgresql.


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