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#76 2020-05-16 23:53:06

Tisha R Gomez
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Re: osmand

I started getting acquainted with this navigation system almost from the moment it appeared in the app store. initially, I used the free version of this program, but later bought the paid version .
The main selection criteria for me was excellent map coverage of small localities and no need to pay for updates. Map maps for the app were created by the Openstreetmaps project, which in my opinion contains the most up-to-date data.
The app itself works perfectly on all my devices (only about 5 current and a dozen previously used) the interface is simple and clear, there are a lot of settings for displaying information, POIs are supported perfectly, the latest versions have a display function! traffic jams, the program does not build a route based on traffic, but it will help you to see how long you are stuck smile Osm receives traffic data from Yandex and displays it as a second layer on top of the map.
There is a speed limit control, very useful if you missed a tricky sign closed by bushes.


#77 2020-09-13 18:23:24

Malik Waqas
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Re: osmand

I think this is because it is difficult to draw a map in real time from vector data. You need to store your data using a smart index. It has very little RAM and you need to take full advantage of a fairly low processor. This requires a lot of programming skills (and time).

One of the best offline OSM vector data display tools for Android I have found is Navit ... on_Android.

However, if anyone can share other apps, please give it a try.


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