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How best to show a Track that has a Public Footpath?

I am interested in showing and updating Public Rights of Ways in OSM (Footpaths, Bridleways) for walkers and county side users like myself.

Looking at this Track (below) in the OSM standard map rendering as an example, you can't see that it has a Public Footpath.
It looks just like other tracks that have no right of way.

What is the best way to show the Public Footpath in cases like this so that it appears in the rendering?

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Re: How best to show a Track that has a Public Footpath?

It's far and away best to map the track as highway=track with the designation=public_footpath. It is one of the things which makes a difference when using the data. The main map is not really optimised for walking in the UK, changes made years ago made it less useful that it had been before. Fortunately SomeoneElse, who is a very keen walker, maintains his personal map for Britain and Ireland which is optimised in this way. This clearly shows different types of rights of way, walking routes, LDPs, stiles and other footpath furniture, field boundaries etc etc. This is the area of your PRoW: … on=0.05201. The public footpath is shown in red with longer dashes for when it's on a track and short dots when its a footpath.


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