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Use of GIS to carry out infrastructure assessment

I want to begin a study on the use of GIS to determine the criticality and vulnerability of infrastructure in support of disaster relief using a model such as the Carver matrix.  To date, I have not come across any tools that offer this capability.  I would be grateful if anyone is able to signpost me to any reading and/or tools that aid carry out this function


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Re: Use of GIS to carry out infrastructure assessment

At least for the (data) analysts among us, I think GIS will require a heavier knowledge of Data science/programming. I work in academic public health research and have a MS in Geography. Most of the data cleaning, management, analysis, and statistics I do for work can all be done with code. Well documented code makes reproducing research easier than memorizing button clicks. I have had to become familiar with writing Python (well beyond Arcpy), regular expressions, R, SQL, Stata, and SAS over the course of the past 2 years Kodi Lucky Patcher noxwith this job. Being able to explain statistical analysis is a good thing to know as well. Map making in ArcMap/Illustrator is like 5% of my time these days.

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