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#1 2020-02-01 09:33:44

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Mapping of subdistricts

Summary of the mapping of subdistricts (admin_level=6)

6553  = total number of defined subdistricts
6162  = mapped subdistricts
  391  = unmapped  subdistricts
6053  = mapped with headquarter
109  = mapped without headquarter

The unmapped subdistricts are newly defined (2011...) by splitting of existing subdistricts. I did not find data  to map.

The mapped subdistricts cover the whole area of India with the following exceptions :
a) Chennai : 1 subdistrict missing
b) Surat      : 1 subdistrict missing
c) Delhi : subdistricts have not been mapped. There are admin_level=8..10 boundaries which are in conflict with the defined  subdistricts. That means, its a task for local mappers to solve the problems.


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