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Hi Everybody, hola.

in February this year there was a question put on the Telegram group for Panama, by people from Kaart.

Angela Ena
> De junio a septiembre del año pasado, 6 usuarios se dividieron de muchas calles en los vecindarios de Panamá y agregaron giros en U en cada
> intersección
> Parece que estos no están firmados en el suelo en la cobertura limitada de Mapillary que tenemos

that is: we have thousands of restriction:no_u_turn which do not correspond to a physically present traffic sign.

we have checked quite a few (dozens), using mapillary pictures, or on the spot, and have found not a single traffic sign justifying the restriction in the database.

we have tried to contact the users, and we received no reply.

I am going to delete all such relations, created by users who have produced more than 500 such relations.

we still have several hundreds restriction:no_u_turn, which are still suspect, and I do not have a suggestion on what to do about them.

you are welcome commenting here, but please do consider following up in the Telegram Group, which I follow.  here I only come sporadically.

Mario Frasca

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