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Hospitals - India

Hi All,

The India Hospitals Data-sets which is taken from the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW), New Delhi and Published in Open data Govt … last-month  has the valuable Hospital and other healthcare facilities information which can add value to OSM-India for good Hospital Coverage which provide the additional information to the people in their area for any Hospital Information, Health facilities Information etc.. which can be useful for the Humanitarian team in India in any disasters- like email, Phone, address, Website, Specialty etc..

For the data quality and Position accuracy visit
I’m  currently cleaning the data State/city wise which including removal of duplication , Making the data compatible to OSM Tagging, Removing the additional attributes which are not  compatible to OSM etc…

Initially I have tested by the adding the known hospital information from Government data-sets in the Hyderabad City (Local City).
I Strongly feel that the attribute information which have been added to the OSM is more enhancing  the existing Hospital data.

Here are the Maproulette challenges for Bihar and Bangalore if any one having the local knowledge on Bihar/Bangalore can take the challenge & provide your feedback, suggestions on the data.

If any Local users want to develop the Hospital Information of their city/State i can help you to create the Maproulette challenge


Here are the Tagging schema which I have followed

1. These tags indicates the general tags


2. These tags represents the main facility or function of the healthcare:


3. Tagging for the Facility and Specialty of the healthcare:

58084377-5d4d2500-7bd8-11e9-8efa-1b8dbe2eaebf.png … e.3Dclinic

4. Records Excluded from the Data-set:



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