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Bilingualism in Slovenia

Dear Slovenian OSM editors,

I was checking the OSM in Slovenia and I realized that the
Municipality of Ankaran,
Municipality of Izola,
Urban municipality of Koper and
Municipality of Piran
have bilingual names in the name tag.

I checked the languages of Slovenia in the corresponding WikiPedia article [1], and here the Italian language is co-official beside Slovenian.

Although there are 5 other muncipalities where Hungarian is co-official besides the official Slovenian language.
(Municipality of Dobrovnik, Municipality of Hodoš, Municipality of Lendava, Municipality of Moravske Toplice and Municipality of Šalovci)
I sadly saw that here everything is one-languaged.

So I would like to kindly ask you if it would be possible to add the Hungarian names to the name tag in the 5 muncipalities mentioned above?
(The best option would be if you did it because it's your country, so you have the right to edit the names of your settlements.)

Lendava used to have a name Lendava/Lendva for kind a long time but maybe a year age someone changed it back to only Lendava.

I look forward to hearing from you. Hoping we can make an agreement on this topic.

Best wishes,

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Re: Bilingualism in Slovenia

You seem to have fixed the bilingual names in Prekmurje, which we are grateful for.

You can also browse the map entirely with Hungarian names at:

Further discussion about mapping in bilingual areas is taking place in:


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