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StreetComplete v8.0

StreetComplete v8.0 has just been released big_smile

Available on Google Play (now) and F-Droid (soon)
more info on Github:

And whoops, I forgot the announcement in the forum for v7.0 again, which was huge, so here is the changelist for v7 and v8 wink

UX Enhancements
  • Redesign quest forms and dialogs to a new look (this is quite huge) (#1158)

  • when leaving a note, it is done in the bottom sheet instead of in a dialog now so that you can still see the quest geometry

  • solve performance problems when downloading quests (especially housenumbers and building types)

  • only play sound effects when system setting for that is enabled (fixes #1187) and in "media" instead of "notification" stream (#1167)

  • In notes, shortcut the link to the element to for better readability of notes left by SC users (#1178)

  • tapping on the quest title now toggles expanding the quest to full size and back

  • it is now again possible to attach photos to notes

  • add "deselect all" button in the quest selection screen (#1203)

New Quests:
  • Railway crossing: How is this railway crossing protected?

  • Playground access: Is this playground publicly accessible? (#1134)

  • Max height: What is the height limit of this tunnel/parking entrance/height restrictor? (#960, #399, #421, #447)

  • Cycleway segregation: "How are the footway and cycleway laid out here?" (#527, #1135)

Enhanced Quests:
  • Building type: Added toilets and sport centres to selectable building types (#1124, #1125)

  • Max speed:

    • Added pictograms for living street signs in Portugal, France and Israel, added pictogram for slow zones in Israel and speed limit signs in general for Iceland, Sweden and Finland

    • Can now also add living streets in Israel and Azerbaijan and slow zones in Mauritius

    • Redesigned to force the user to make a deliberate choice to either specify what is written on the sign or state that there is no sign. Also, beautified the input for specifying slow zones (#1085, #1149)

  • Road name: Detecting more abbreviations in Portuguese (#1143)

  • Housenumber:

    • Disabled for Italy (#714)

    • The app will not suggest that an input like "5,5a,6" may be wrong

  • Postbox collection times: Allow marking the postbox as having no signed collection times (#1118, #1076 )

  • Opening hours: Allow marking a shop as having no signed opening hours (#1118)

  • Any quest with selection of images: The last choices are remembered and displayed as first items (#1072, #73, #826)

  • Redesign note discussion quest (new: avatars displayed also) to make it look like a chat

  • Surface and building type quest: When tapping to expand a category, the view scrolls down to show the expanded items

  • Cycleway quest: Exclude motorroads

Small Enhancements and Fixes:
  • Orchard quest used to tag produce=tomatoe. Corrected to produce=tomato (#1171)

  • Increase number of quests that are downloaded in one go (#1091)

  • Undoing quests now removed quests that are no longer applicable because of that (#1131, #746)

  • Fix crash on attaching a photo (#1144)

  • Fix some quests were wrongly displayed as being disabled in France (#1150)

  • Fix an error when downloading the oneway quest for roads tagged as areas

  • Added a nice animation when solving a quest (amongst others #944)

  • Better feedback when manually uploading changes, do only show the upload-button when autosync is off

  • Show the blinking cursor within the housenumber, speed limit etc. input field signs (#1154)

  • When exiting the quest details, always zoom back to the previous zoom (#965)

  • The app will not automatically open the next quest for the element for which the user just answered the quest any more

  • StreetComplete is now ready for GDPR-related changes made to the OSM api

  • solve quest upload problem for quests on relations when phone locale is set to a Turkic language

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Re: StreetComplete v8.0

Hi, you could add a quest for traffic signals on crossings

Congratulations for the app !!


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