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investigation report on unusual membership signups

OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF), the world’s largest collaborative mapping community, saw some unusual rise in signups for their memberships, in November 2018. Guillaume Rischard, an MWG(Members of the Working Group) member (and then-board candidate), detected that a large group of OSMF membership applications arrived under suspicious circumstances just when the window for eligibility for voting in the 2018 board election was closing. He later reported this issue to the board on 20th November 2018. … 181226.pdf

EDIT ; There is also a reddit article about that -> … tion_into/

An India-based team from GlobalLogic, an outsourced software firm contracted by Grab, made dozens of edits in recent months that overwrote information created by OSM members, who voluntarily map streets by visiting them in person. Grab suspended work in Thailand by the GlobalLogic team after OSM members complained about numerous incorrect edits in OSM forum posts. … east-asia/

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