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#26 2018-12-06 03:44:24

Grab Osm1
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Re: GRAB - Here we bloody go again !

Hello All,
After Ajay mentioned that we stopped working on Thailand,  we did not continue to make any new additions to the map, however our internal. Quality team found few mistakes which were corrected.  This resulted in viewing new submissions in Bangkok.

Just wanted to clarify .



#27 2018-12-06 08:37:54

Registered: 2018-11-15
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Re: GRAB - Here we bloody go again !


I can confirm we've asked our folks to stop mapping the very same day. Some edits may have gone in post due to communication lag but we've stopped working on Thailand overall as a country till we meet and decide our next course of action. As I mentioned, we're only looking to do this together with the community and are happy to stall efforts till we come up with a plan of action. I'll confirm dates and time in the first week of January once our schedule is a bit more set. My local country lead as well as the singapore team will be present to address any concerns.

Please refer to lavanyas comments below from global logic about the changes too. Happy holidays all, looking forward to seeing you'll in person soon.


#28 2018-12-08 16:08:43

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Re: GRAB - Here we bloody go again ! … 180908.pdf

In case anyone is interested, the organized edit guideline provides a good overview of how it should be done. Of course implementation should be meaningful as well and not just a bueacratic exercise.


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