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#1 2018-12-05 14:49:17

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example rendering of TileMaker output

I'm new to forum and OSM. I am developing an app to monitor High Altitude Balloons ( and I need to draw their GPS location on a map.
After reading of plethora of options and available software, I decided to go with following setup (based on vector tiles and 100% offline rendering):

- TileMaker: it's simple to setup (no stack) and input data is easy to get ( )
- rendering in browser, because this is portable (windows/linux)
- MapBox JS:this seems a popular and actively developed project

Now, the roadblock I hit:

I successfully exported … 01.osm.pbf into mbTiles file. I used this configuration for tilemaker: … tiles.json … ptiles.lua
What got me puzzled is that exporting GZIPed file is the same size as non-compressed - but let's move on (EDIT: file size differences are gone now, this must have been some stupid mistake on my end).

I serve the tiles using minimal python/bottle server:
This is minimal html:

This isn't displaying anything. Looking at python output it looks like tiles are being found, but what I see in browser is just background layer.

Can anybody please point me to a working intro tutorial on Tilemaker and mapbox-js working together ? Or give some tips how to debug this, because I'm not seeing any error messages.


complete files archive (3.1MB):

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