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#1 2018-09-22 00:44:45

From: Silicon Valley
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Rooms not rendering

A couple days ago, I added labels for a whole bunch of rooms at this school (see below link) using buildingpart = room, but they are not rendering. Other labels like rooms tagged as offices do render though. What am I doing wrong? … -121.86551


#2 2018-09-22 01:31:33

From: Warszawa
Registered: 2013-09-04
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Re: Rooms not rendering

This tag is strange, it has no wiki page and 10k uses: … =room#wiki

This should be probably building:part=room, but it has 1k uses: … ing%3Apart

This is however indoor tagging and this is not rendered on standard map. There are special indoor maps available:


#3 2018-09-22 12:28:29

Registered: 2009-01-11
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Re: Rooms not rendering

buildingpart is not a conventional tag for indoor mapping (it belongs to S3DB - Simple 3D Buildings).

For indoor mapping you should use indoor=room. JOSM, Vespucci have indoor editing modes, and OpenLevelUp is the best way to visualise the data. You also really need to map them as areas: these dont need to be absolutely precise, but it's not too difficult to get things approximately in the right place (counting windows, general idea of depth of rooms etc).


#4 2018-09-22 14:20:54

Registered: 2010-03-14
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Re: Rooms not rendering

It is actually even more complicated.

buildingpart was used by the defunct IndoorOSM schema

building:part is used by S3DB

This is one of the reasons why we needed to depart from IndoorOSM tags for SIT ( … or_Tagging).

Current indoor tagging should use indoor=room with room=xx for rooms.

None of the above will be rendered on non-specialist maps at the current point in time.

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