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#1 2018-04-26 23:23:30

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Geographic dataset for prison land boundaries

Hi all, I'm a new user to osm, and I'm trying to find a shapefile dataset of boundaries of correctional facilities in the United States.

So far the closest I'm able to get is this prison boundaries dataset: https://hifld-geoplatform.opendata.arcg … boundaries

This has shapefiles for buildings in which people are incarcerated. What I'm hoping to find though is similar data describing not just the building complexes, but the larger boundaries of all the surrounding associated land owned/used by these correctional facilities.

If anyone is aware of whether such a dataset exists, or could be derived somehow from existing datasets, or if there's an expert I should contact who might know more, I'd much appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks!


#2 2018-05-01 13:53:37

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Re: Geographic dataset for prison land boundaries


Do you know the Overpass API? Here you can check all prisons registered in OSM. Often the desired properties are also available.  See


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