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This is all con artists' wet dream

Nobody on the other side of the globe has any legitimate need for such sort of information. At best, someone has some idle curiosity like what the neighborhood of the Fantastic Four's Baxter Bldg looks like in Midtown Manhattan. Legitimate, legal business people traveling can deal with navigating a new city when they get there or if there was some actual need to know beforehand, can get the information from a business contact, hotel concierge, etc.

I will be quite happy and my conscience at ease when somebody in government gets wise, deems them national security threats (they are; they don't necessarily just want to send you offers for "Vai9ra + C1al15," and with NSA/CIA/Google/Apple already in our computers and knowing our every move, sends in the drones.

And no, I haven't been duped by such people, but I am f---ing tired of having to weed through their bu--sh-- trying to do so by posting or explaining how they're "real as it gets. I live near Lake Whatever along Whichywhat Street across from Hoopitydee Supermarket" etc., when I tell them to provide a photo or vid of reasonable evidence that they're really in town. (They also try it by explaining what the weather's been like, as tho, again, I can't look up that there's a stormfront moving in on Pyongyang from the southwest right now, but you're 'maps,' so...) Yes, they obviously know that such information doesn't, but they're hoping, praying (preying on) people will be bamboozled by it, and the sort of "proof of life" that's required is pretty narrow, but that's only really possible because of this.


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Re: This is all con artists' wet dream

So you're saying maps are somehow evil and folks should just get by without them?

You might want to loosen your tin foil hat, because I think it's pinching a bit too tightly on your head.


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Re: This is all con artists' wet dream

I think what d971280 wants to say that he fears OSM data will be used for nefarious means by the sc(a/u)m kind of people, and wanted to express his fears about that in such a way.

It might upset him to know that not only OSM, but also Google Maps and many more Services can fall prey to being used in such unsavioury fashion.


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Re: This is all con artists' wet dream

OP is a troll or a person out of their mind.
In either case, ignore and carry on.

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Re: This is all con artists' wet dream

Please don't use insulting comments.


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