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#1 2018-04-01 15:41:28

Marc Konjuhi
Registered: 2016-05-11
Posts: 4

names of cities in Kosovo (AL/SR)

Hello community,

I think we should, without discussing the status of Kosovo, talk about the names of the city names in Kosovo. Many people change it every day, therefore we should find a consensus here. In addition, some cities are written in a different system, which should usually be consistent.

My personal idea would be to write every city in Albanian, except the Serbian majority municipalities, which should be written in first Serbian and then Albanian, because in the mostly Albanian majority municipalities there are usually less than 20% Serbs and in the Serbian municipalities, there are usually more than 30% Albanians.

* Fushë Kosovë
* Gračanica / Graçanicë
* Lipjan
* Klokot / Kllokot
* Pejë
* Štrpce / Shtërpcë

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