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#1 2017-11-13 20:17:40

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Requirements for barebones osrm driving directions?

Hi --

Total noob here. Appropriate apologies given, repeatedly, as needed, forever. I have been tasked with building a proof of concept Linux server using CentOS 7 and openstreetmaps to do two things:

   geocoding addresses
   turn by turn driving directions

We want to get rid of some very outdated MapPoint sotware (no-longer-supported) and the non-Linux servers used to run it.

Data will be NorthAmerica only. Our preference is to have everything run from the command-line. No maps, just the absolute minimum of input and output through the software (with parsing as needed, of course) to get: address in, lat/lon out; two lat/lons in, turn-buy turn driving directions out. Automobile traffic only, fastest route.

From what I have read, it sounds like the most basic driving directions setup is to use OSRM as a library (libosrm). However, when I look for basic system requirements, I see daunting numbers like 175GB of RAM. But, it is not clear if this is for the basic library, or maps, or...? … quirements


1) for libosrm, what is the absolute minimum hardware requirements that I would need to build a proof of concept machine? Can I get away with dramatically less RAM and have the software function just for minimal tests even if it is dog meat slow?

2) I have installed Nominatum on a concept box to use for geocoding. Is there a better barebones geocoding solution out there that will, eventually, run on a high-demand server? Again, command-line driven. Ins and outs. My assumption is parsing large XML files is not the way to go on this (as in a database is better) but I really don't know.

3) Is there anything else you can point me to that will help? While I have seen many, many posts and pages, most are for maps, web servers, or APIs for exiting services on servers run by others. We need to run our own software.




#2 2017-11-13 21:56:12

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Re: Requirements for barebones osrm driving directions?

You can't get away from memory requirements for building your OSRM routing model: it's inherent in the whole architecture of the solution. Once built it does not require anything like the memory of the build phase. I believe some folk rent an AWS instance to do the build and then host the completed database themselves.

I cant really speak for or against Nominatim as the geocoder.

One other point is that complete addresses are, at best, patchy in OSM: most of the time this is not too critical, but long named highways without addresses may give suboptimal geocoding results (e.g., at the wrong end of a 2-3 mile highway). On the other hand adding that data to OSM automatically improves the geocoding.


#3 2017-11-14 20:05:16

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Re: Requirements for barebones osrm driving directions?

I recommend to have a closer look at the following OSM wikipages: with its sub pages about online or offline solutions

Maybe is an alternative to OSRM?

And see about alternatives or different frontends to Nominatim.

If you need professional help for a short time solution,
see … d_Services



#4 2017-11-20 22:54:49

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Re: Requirements for barebones osrm driving directions?

Thank you for your replies. Very appreciated. I will look into an AWS instance and the links supplied and let you know what I come up with.


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