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#1 2017-10-19 05:40:59

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GeoDev Meetup

Ni strogo povezano z OpenStreetMap-om, a verjetno vseeno koga zanima meetup:

Ponedeljek, 23. Oktober, 18:00
Kreativni center Poligon, Tobačna ulica 5, Ljubljana

This GeoDev Meetup is open, friendly, technical gathering for GIS users, GIS developers and anyone else interested in spatial data and in technologies used to process, analyse and visualise it. From enthusiastic noobs to experts - everyone is welcome to join and to share their geo-related idea, experience, question, pain or joy.

At first Meetup we will have two presentations:

1.) Developing Qgis Plugin with use of Google Maps WebService API, Nejc Dougan

2.) PgRouting: Catchment area calculation, Klemen Špruk

Več o dogodku in prijave: … /243886624


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