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#1 2017-09-13 19:50:16

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Boundary MARKER better word for boundary (mile)stone

Could someone change this wiki word 'stone' in 'marker' please ( i am a 'noob' in that) , the word boundary_marker is 'all-encompassing' , because a boundary_stone is a boundary_marker, but not all boundary_markers are IN STONE ;

Boundary markers, traditionally, were often made of stone, but later many have been made with concrete or a mixture of materials. They are typically placed at a notable or especially visible point. Many are inscribed with relevant information such as the abbreviation of the boundary holder and often a date.

Also a visible icon-tag in OSM should be nice wink

A border is an official property line that marks where one country/state ends and another begins.
The border is patrolled.
The border between Mexico and the US has been changed by treaty several times in history due to the changing course of the Rio Grande.
There are welcome centers built along the major highways where they cross the state borders.

Boundary generally refers to lines that delimit property (private or public) within a country.
The boundaries of my farm are shown on this map.
Last night, he crossed the boundary of the national park.

However, border and boundary are sometimes used interchangably.

Frontier - this is not a line, but an area that is not developed. A frontier can span borders.

http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.c … ary+marker … dary_stone


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