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Free data and software for disaster response

Elizabeth Abbey  at on  13 September, 2017 wrote:

Blue Marble has made their GIS application, Global Mapper, available to anyone assisting in the relief. In a statement they said, “Blue Marble has a very close relationship with the city of Houston, its businesses, and its people. The city is home to many of the world’s leading energy exploration, extraction, and processing companies, many of whom were early adopters of Blue Marble’s geodetic software and were instrumental in helping us establish a foothold in the geospatial industry over two decades ago. It is with deep sadness that we now watch the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has wrought on Houston and the surrounding region. While there is no doubt that the city will recover, the short-term challenges are immense. Blue Marble is committed to helping in this effort by offering any government agency, organization, or other response team, unlimited and free access to Global Mapper for as long as is needed.”
Remote GeoSystems has also announced they are giving away free copies of LineVision™ software licenses to official agency, volunteer and non-profit drone operators.
The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap volunteer community has contributed to  is making incredible progress, with nearly 150,000 homes mapped in just a couple of days. Their partners, Netherlands Red Cross and MapAction are en route to affected locations, and will use the map data we create to understand the damage to infrastructure, and estimating the affected populations and their needs as part of Rapid Needs Assessment Team (RNAT) missions. The OSM US Community are leading support activating mapping for Florida and the impacts of Hurrican Irma.
Brainnwave’s mission is to make the world’s data universally discoverable, usable and accessable. This Edinburgh based startup has added all the relevant datasets needed for humanitarian relief, sourced by the World-wide Human Geography Data Working Group, to their Marketplace website from where they can be freely downloaded and used.
Click the links below to learn more: … -hurricane


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Re: Free data and software for disaster response



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