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#26 2017-09-12 21:55:04

Registered: 2014-11-12
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Re: Ist die A36 schon die A36 oder noch die B6?


I just reverted Guppy35's changeset 50924747.
None of the edits in there was useful. Most were plain wrong.

Looking at his edits history , the most recent edits of him are all reverted but older ones (click "load more" a few times) have no comment on him. Based on my experience with him I expect zero (0) worthwile edits, and many wrong ones.
In a Dutch thread I try to coordinate a clean-up, but as some are edits of German roads, maybe you can help in.

Guppy seems to have a knack for changing road names/refs and construction status.

I asked whether someone could mention him for a block at the DWG (again, again, again).



#27 2017-09-13 08:06:34

From: Germany
Registered: 2009-05-24
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Re: Ist die A36 schon die A36 oder noch die B6?

Seit ca. 1 Monat ist er nicht mehr aktiv. Wenn er nochmal Blödsinn macht bitte die 10-jährige Sperre umsetzen. tongue

Faktum des Tages: Geld allein macht nicht glücklich, man muss schon Bier dafür kaufen.


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