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#1 2017-08-10 02:54:05

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Updated and uglier Bing aerial imagery in iD?

I seem to be seeing updated Bing imagery tiles in iD. (I assume it also shows up in other editors.) I'm not sure when this happened.  There is a Walmart that opened in July 2016, wasn't on the Bing imagery before, nor is it shown on DigitalGlobe, but it is on the Bing aerial imagery now.

But the tiles are also pretty ugly. There is an overall green cast, and the level of detail and sharpness seems to be much lower than before.  Perhaps this is a localized effect? I'm looking here:
But I'm looking at it in the iD editor with Bing aerial imagery.

To me, Bing used to be much sharper than DigitalGlobe Premium imagery, and now it is noticeably worse. But I'll take it anyway - I like having the updated imagery.


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