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#1 2017-06-15 10:12:24

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How improved mapping gives slum dwellers an identity on 14th June 2017 wrote:

A social enterprise based in Kenya, Spatial Collective, has been training residents of the Mahare slum to use their smartphones to create a crowdsourced map of the area.

The completed map is available on the OpenStreetMap platform and contains a detailed index of Mahare’s buildings and utilities, in stark contrast to Google Maps’ blank space.


This mapping of slums is a vital step forward in the urbanisation and development of third world countries and with further governmental support could bring significant change to the world’s poorest areas.


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#2 2017-07-18 11:19:30

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Re: How improved mapping gives slum dwellers an identity

Wouldn't it be possible to 'drone-mapping' whole area's with adress-numbers painted on their houses ? smile


#3 2018-03-28 03:00:27

From: Dublin, Ireland
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Re: How improved mapping gives slum dwellers an identity

I hope you can see this: Impact-of-Community-based-and-Participatory-Mapping.pdf

Let me quote the key part of that:

Cultural Mapping is a use of maps that enables marginalized knowledge
and history to be collected, recorded and conveyed and shared. This
process is owned and driven by the community involved so that
representations are appropriate and suitable in order to facilitate
communication and place new forms of knowledge and information in
formats that are recognized by non-community members. This process can
be used to support communities to express their rights, visions and

I often wonder about the fact that when you do get involved in mapping anywhere like Africa you start seeing people trying to map things that other parts of the world wouldn't touch, or wouldn't consider permanent or important.


#4 2018-03-28 14:55:18

Viajero Perdido
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Re: How improved mapping gives slum dwellers an identity

Here's a live link to the cool map shown above:

It's odd the article didn't choose to include a live link, nor spell the slum name correctly, making it unfindable via Nominatim.  Anyway, it's in Nairobi near the military airport.

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