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#1 2017-05-14 19:05:35

Registered: 2012-04-06
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Roads in National Parks/State Parks

I'm just back from my USA road trip and slowly trying to add new OSM stuff now. One question I came up on was whether we tag roads within the parks as toll roads.
You usually have to pay a fee to enter by vehicle so in this sense it would be a toll road.
What do you guys think?



#2 2017-09-21 19:23:24

From: Illinois
Registered: 2014-08-18
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Re: Roads in National Parks/State Parks

The precedence I've seen for national and state parks with fee:
* Mark ranger stations that collect admission fee as toll booth;

If you are up for it, mark park with tags:
  charge=admission description
This is not done frequently, I could not find this tag in few parks I know of.

If a state park really only requires to pay for parking, cost info could also go into parking lots, but for parks with many parking lots that seems like a lot of work for few will appreciate (Yellowstone has too many lots to count).

I like your proposal because it will support routing request to avoid toll roads.
What tag would you use to mark those roads?
I don't know if "access=customers" would mess with navigation.

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#3 2017-09-21 19:30:54

Registered: 2012-04-06
Posts: 67

Re: Roads in National Parks/State Parks

There is a tag for toll roads ( I think I'll do it this way. Oftentimes the park itself didn't have an entrance fee if you walked in so a toll seems better than a general fee at the park.
In Germany we have to put fee=yes/no on every parking space because we like to charge you for everything here. big_smile:D
I don't think it's necessary to put the exact amount in as it's changing too often.


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