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#1 2017-04-21 10:55:20

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Replication behaviour with osmosis (answered/closed)

I have a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database with snapshot scheme and the linestring and action extensions. I replicate daily diffs from geofabrik with osmosis. Now I wonder about replication behaviour. If a node location changes,

Edit: The documentation is the code. roll

  1. will the linestrings of ways using this node be updated? --> Yes

  2. will the action table list just this node, or all ways and relations that use it?
    --> As far as I can see, just the entity that was changed, i.e. if a node is modified (as opposed to added or deleted), affected ways/relations will not be marked as changed.

By the way, just in case anyone looks for it (as I did): the codes in the action table are

  • U(ser), N(ode) , W(ay), R(elation) for data_type

  • N(one), C(reate), M(odify), D(elete) for action, where N, according to a comment in the code, stands for "no entity is unchanged" - read: "all entities have changed"

Thanks and best regards

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