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#1 2016-07-29 09:19:05

Registered: 2015-12-18
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Thousands of duplicated members in relation 6040654


I just noticed this monster multipolygon with > 12000 members,
    <tag k='name' v='Ireland' />
    <tag k='place' v='island' />
    <tag k='type' v='multipolygon' />

Nearly all members are duplicated and some members are closed ways
which are single islands. JOSM seems to hang when I try to edit the relation,
so I think this should work:
save as *.osm file, open with an editor, mark all lines with
"member type", use editor funtion to " sort and remove duplicates",
add action='modify' to the relation and safe the file.
Load the modified file into JOSM and upload it.

Is there a better way to do this?



#2 2016-10-29 11:54:26

Registered: 2008-04-23
Posts: 32

Re: Thousands of duplicated members in relation 6040654

For the record, this relation has been deleted in changeset 41,898,267

Last edited by rorym (2016-10-29 11:54:53)


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