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SOTM-EU 2014 heads-up

Forwardam mail prejet od Frederika Ramma, enega od organizatorjev letošnje SOTM-EU konference:

Dear all,

   at the end of the month, the SOTM-EU early bird registration (at a
price of EUR 55) will end. After that, the ticket price is EUR 80.

It would be great if (unless that has already happened recently) you
could maybe post a quick reminder on your national mailing list telling
people about and that we'd be happy to see them in June
in Karlsruhe!

(We have planned for about 250 visitors but after hearing about the
large number of people coming to this year's American conference we're
almost a bit concerned to be sold out too quickly - so everyone who
plans to come should really get their ticket early to avoid
disappointment. The last thing we want is to send away an active OSM
member because we don't have any spaces left!)

Thank you!


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