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#1 2012-05-16 14:48:54

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Swiss OSM Association (founding meeting)

[Copy from talk-ch]

A number of you may remember the discussion about founding a Swiss OpenStreetMap association from last year, at the time I didn't follow up on the idea due to many other OSM related activities and due to the fact that nobody volunteered a meeting room.

Since the underlying motivation for creating such an organisation haven't changed and we (as in the Swiss OSM community) will have a presence at the exhibition part of GEOsummit 2012 ( in Berne, I propose to have a founding meeting over lunch on June the 20th in Berne. Venue to be determined, but either in a restaurant in the exhibition buildings or nearby.

We have a limited number of free exhibition entrance tickets available that will be available on a first come first serve base to members of the community that want to participate in the meeting.

If you want to come, please add your name here: … ssociation

I will be updating the draft bylaws with some of the input from the discussion over the next couple of days. One major point missing is a good name, suggestions are welcome!



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