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#1 2008-04-04 17:43:27

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private parks


I'm new to OSM and making a few edits using Potlatch. I can't figure out how to tag large private green spaces in town.  there's an old convent near me tagged "historic:stately_home" but it doesn't appear as a park on the rendered map. Similarly, the garden of Buckingham Palace is tagged "leisure: park" which seems strange as you can't go for a stroll unless you're invited.

Thanks for any pointers you can give me.



#2 2008-04-05 13:18:41

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Re: private parks

access:private added additional to leisure:park may be acceptable, although I don't know much on mapping places like London.  OSM currently has little, if any way, of really splitting up the public/private/..other things that get mapped, therefore some people seem to add things as x:y (public default) then correct it with access=.   This 'add it wrong and correct it' approach seems strange though, especially considering the frequency of private features.

I have similar opinions to your example of Buckingham palace being a leisure park with tracks and drives being mapped as public roads, and a path around someone's back garden or pond being marked as a highway:footway.   I think all in all, the 'leisure:park' tag you mention has been used to get a render, rather than it being correct, so I would encourage you to make osm's data correct, rather than make it just to render.



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Re: private parks

if you start using access=private, I would leave a note saying what you mean by it. So that it's possible to understand what you think it means. Too leave something for the openstreetmap archaeologist of tagging.. :-)


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