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#1 2022-09-14 09:50:22

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How can I obtain all of the street names under a polygon in Overpass?

I am new to overpass (after only discovering it last night). I have a polygon I drew on QGIS and I plan to obtain its coordinates (long, lat). I'd then like to use these coordinates in overpass to obtain all of the road names in that area. I found a query online that obtains all road names in a city:

[out:csv ("name")][timeout:2500];
for (t["name"])
  make street name=_.val;

How can I adjust the following query so that I can specify a polygon function instead of city/area name?. I'm mindful of the syntax:

  (poly:"latitude_1 longitude_1 latitude_2 longitude_2 latitude_3 longitude_3 …");

I'm just not sure where it would go in the query. I tried a few times but I was receiving errors or just blank results. Hopefully if I see an example I should be able to carry out my task effectively.


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