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*** NOTICE: By 30th of September 2022 the will be retired, please request a category for your community in the new ones as soon as possible using this process, which will allow you to propose your community moderators. We expect the migration of data will be finished by that date, you can follow its progress here.***

#1 2022-09-07 18:45:49

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Move to

I'd like to propose we consider moving this OpenStreetMap South Africa forum discussions to the new "modern" OpenStreetMap Community site (software: discourse)

I have opened a request for a South Africa specific category: … egory/2366

No signup step is required to use the community site for users.
The site supports email "subscribing" to categories and supports receiving replies via email.

Disclosure: I installed and configured the site. I am also initially part of the Forum governance team.

What do people think?

I am looking for 1 or 2 extra people to be moderators of the South Africa category.


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