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Optimal budget hardware for postgis + tile Ubuntu server

Hi! I'd like your hardware recommendations for a budget postgis/tile server for planet size maps.

Hardware-wise I'm thinking something like:

Zen 4 motherboard
Ryzen 5 CPU
1TB WD Blue m.2 drive (I already have this, 2.4GB/sec read, 1.9GB write)
32GB of RAM

More details:

I'm setting up a budget "desktop server" from a few parts I already have. It will do some very basic home server tasks, but I'd like to upgrade it to be able to import planet in a reasonable amount of time and run a tile server as a hobby project. I'm aiming for being able to import planet with osm2pgsql in somewhere below 24 hours, hopefully closer to 12, and am trying to figure out which parts to prioritize on and where I can save.

I suppose the 1TB drive will have ample space and speed for running OS, database, and import/update procedure?

Memory: 64GB is reachable within my budget, but I'll probably not be able to avoid --slim anyway, and with the relatively fast drive I hope that I can get acceptable import and update times with 32 GB to save some money.

CPU: should I go for more cores (6 or 8 instead of 4) or higher single core speed? Or does it matter much at all with the drive and memory I'll have available?
I might consider a Ryzen 7 2700X if it'll drastically improve my import speeds, otherwise I'd prefer to go with a cooler running low-end Ryzen 5.

If the m.2 drive will be the bottleneck I suppose I can swap out a slightly faster Samsung 970 (3.5GB/sec read/write) from my gaming rig, or even get a gen4 drive if it has a HUGE performance impact. But that would impact my budget as well.

I have created an Ubuntu tile server with osm2pgsql -> postgis and mod_tile/renderd a few years ago, and can admin my way out of a Linux-powered paper bag, so I think I'll be able to figure that part out.

If I decide I'll cache large amounts of tiles I have a large magnetic drive I can throw in for that. The number of tiles served will likely be very low.

Sorry for the long post, but I tried to put the most relevant details at the top, and I find that more info is better in most cases.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated smile

Oslo, Norway


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