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#1 2021-08-16 16:08:50

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Newly Created Bus Route Unavailable to Add to.

Hello everyone,

I've recently been trying to map out my city's bus routes on OSM. I have added all of the bus stops for a route, and now I am trying to add them to the route relation. I have successfully created the relation, and applied it to the starting bus stop. However, the route relation does not seem available to select when I attempt to add any other stops to it. I have checked the wiki and found nothing on this particular case. I'm still learning, so sorry if this is a relatively easy question, but it's got me stumped. How would I go about adding the stops I created to the bus route?


#2 2021-09-25 19:50:39

From: Brussels
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Re: Newly Created Bus Route Unavailable to Add to.

What software are you using to do this?  Do I understand you are using the iD editor?  (The one that works directly in your web browser from the website.)


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