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FR 935/945 Maps question

I've been running with a 235 for a couple of years and love everything about the watch - but it's missing one thing: maps with turn-by-turn navigation. I travel a lot for work so I'm always running somewhere different. Normally I create a route in Strava and upload to maps r.485 (from the Connect store). I have the pro version but it's still far from ready for prime time. A few problems stand out.

It's extremely laggy - you press a button and have to wait 10 seconds or so before the screen changes

Distance in the maps app doesn't agree with distance recorded on the watch - it's off by around 10%

Non-intuitive - you have to press several buttons to do what you want - e.g. pausing a run takes a few button click, and with the lag you are never sure if it's paused. Also there are no indicators on screens to show you it's paused

Data screen is a horrendous complicated mess and there seems no way to change it - I want my excellent built-in data screens

But the biggest issue is that there is no way to use the regular Running functions along with turn by turn navigation. That means I can't choose a running workout and then have the maps show me where to go.

So my questions to 935 users is:

does the maps functionality in the current 935 address any of these issues,

does anyone have any idea of a different watch that would accomplish what I need? (Hoping the 945 will do that smile

Thanks for any help


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