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JOSM: usual performance/fps?


since I'm new to OSM editing, I'm currently learning to work with JOSM on a Mac.
What bothers me the most, is the somewhat sluggish performance of JOSM. I run it on a current-gen Intel i9 Mac with external graphics. Maximum RAM usage for the Java VM is set to 8GByte, yet scrolling is very laggy at 1-2 fps. It also does not make any difference if i run it in HiDPI (Retina) or low-res mode, aside from HiDPI resolution being very helpful for map editing.

Is this usual performance for JOSM or do i have an unsual performance issue?


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Re: JOSM: usual performance/fps?

Rendering performance depends on the number of objects which are loaded, the map paint style, the zoom level and maybe the used projection, settings , plugins, background images, and so on. If you load an area with ~10.000 nodes you should see no problems. If you load much more data and zoom out so that all objects are rendered you can expect poor performance.


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