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Mark Pokorny
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Bus Éireann/Dublin Bus Shared Bus Stops

Hi all! Hope you are all keeping safe!

I am attempting to map some of the Bus Éireann routes in and around the Dublin area. I have come across a strange situation where Bus Éireann share bus stops with Dublin Bus, but give them completely different names. Where there is a separate pole on the ground, there seems to be a convention of defining a separate bus stop next to Dublin Bus’s existing bus stop, and then tagging it with only the details pertaining to Bus Éireann’s operations, which I have been extending. But what happens if there is no separate pole at street level (as frequently happens at set-down only stops) and the name is different? Should I set up a separate stop with some tags such as “pole=no” and “unsigned=yes” (for example), or is there a way to add Bus Éireann’s name to the existing Dublin Bus stop without removing the name Dublin Bus uses?

Thanks for the help!



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