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Building C++ project of Osmium tool

I do not know C++, but I need to build C++ application - Osmium tool. I have not known that it is really hard to build C++ programs. What I want is just create .exe file to merge maps. That is my simple goal.

I am a little bit  stuck. According to the docs:

On Windows you can compile with the Visual Studio C++ compiler and nmake. The necessary dependencies can be installed with conda. See appveyor.yml for the necessary commands to compile osmium-tool.

appveyor.yml docs says:

environment: matrix: - config: Debug - config: Release

shallow_clone: true

Operating system (build VM template) os: Visual Studio 2015

platform: x64

scripts that are called at very beginning, before repo cloning init:

clone directory clone_folder: c:\projects\osmium-tool

install: - cd c:\projects - git clone --depth 1 - git clone --depth 1

build_script: - cd c:\projects/osmium-tool - build-appveyor.bat

I've done all the above steps and now I'm trying to run in Windows 10:


However,I see the error:

System cannot find the path specified

Guys what am I doing wrong? Please, help me! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Or maybe you know how can I get exe file? Please, share with me


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