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wall ?

- there is a Tag:barrier=wall, which says on that page ->

The building material can also be tagged with material=*

- but a wall from a building is not a 'freestanding structure' ...  if , for example someone wants 'to detail' a building or house that is made with different walls(with different materials), how can each wall of that building be 'detailed'...such is now(yet) not possible it seems ?

- a wall can also be a 'fence' etc...

I am just asking this, because i read this ->
so, why not make it possible for a 'wall=yes' between 2 nodes (on/in a building or not) and then maybe add other info, like for i.e. material=* / height=* / colour=* / etc...

-also , there is Key:material AND a Key:building:material ... confusing ... roll

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