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#1 2019-01-03 10:35:06

Registered: 2019-01-03
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Hosting a map

Few questions I have regarding hosting the map myself, new to the forums and to hosting so please go easy on me!

1. Is there anything against hosting a full copy of UMAP on a rented server/domain if full credit is given? If so where do I download the files needed.

2. Is there a tutorial to achieve the above for someone with no previous experience in something like this ?

3. What would the file size be ?

4. If all the above is possible would I still have use of the features like the drop pins for example?

My goal is to use the map and drop pins to create a map with personal pictures of where we have walked/hiked.


#2 2019-01-03 15:01:18

From: Warszawa
Registered: 2013-09-04
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Re: Hosting a map

Here is step by step tutorial how to install it on Ubuntu:


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