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#1 2018-12-26 19:33:47

Randy James
Registered: 2018-12-26
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Collaboration on sidewalk snow removal.

Hi.  I'm very new to openstreetmaps but I do know how to code.
I'm wondering if anyone has any tips to send me in the right directions here.

I'm looking to coordinate sidewalk snow removal efforts in my town.
The flow might look like this:
1. It snows - Reset/create a new map/overlay/something?
2. We can highlight the sections that the town *should* clear.
3. People can _claim_ sections that they _will_ clear.
4. People can report in status of clearing by drawing on the map, uploading pictures, possibly uploading GPX data of a route they walked.

The GPX upload seems like a lot of fun but a much more difficult workflow.
Reports would be easiest/best by just letting people drag/highlight sections of road they they did or are reporting as complete.

Any hints/links/API references/ideas you might have would be super helpful.

Thank you!


#2 2018-12-26 21:56:44

Registered: 2017-09-03
Posts: 3

Re: Collaboration on sidewalk snow removal.

One suggestion:
You can use openstreetmap as a background map using Leaflet library, which allows you to serve maps on the web and add any layers you are interested in to present in the map.
With Leaflet you can easily deal with the polygons that represent the snow areas. To define those areas you can use e.g. t, so that you can integrate the relevant data (in your layer(s)) that is meaningful to you (Leaflet loves GeoJSON). It doesn't make sense to place this data on the OSM map as it doesn't represent the terrain.
Depending on the interaction with the map you need, you must have javascript knowledge.
Leaflet is a rich library that allows you to control easily objects you put on a layer.
To interact with the map you can take a look at the additional plugins provided to Leaflet, some will help. To deal with GPX you can take a look at .
If you find any errors or improvements to do on the OSM map in your area, you can just edit the map in its homepage.
Your project sounds interesting smile

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#3 2018-12-28 15:20:44

Randy James
Registered: 2018-12-26
Posts: 2

Re: Collaboration on sidewalk snow removal.

Those are fantastic tips.  Thank you.

Hopefully I won't lose interest before the winter ends.
This could be a multi-year project.... :-)


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