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Mapping an area with multiple mobile devices (IEEE Journal paper)

"Resource-Aware Large-Scale Cooperative Three-Dimensional Mapping Using Multiple Mobile Devices"
Is the title, basically it's an algorithm that allows the combination of mapping data collected from different mobile devices effectively, abstract below (forgive me if I'm wrong only first-year undergrad)

In this paper, we address the problem of cooperative mapping (CM) using datasets collected by multiple users at different times, when the transformation between the users’ starting poses is unknown. Specifically, we formulate CM as a constrained optimization problem, in which each user's independently estimated trajectory and map are merged together by imposing geometric constraints between commonly observed point and line features. Additionally, we provide an algorithm for efficiently solving the CM problem, by taking advantage of its structure. The proposed solution is proven to be batch-least-squares (BLS) optimal overall users’ datasets, while it is less memory demanding and lends itself to parallel implementations. In particular, our solution is shown to be faster than the standard BLS solution, when the overlap between the users’ data is small. Furthermore, our algorithm is resource-aware as it is able to consistently trade accuracy for lower processing cost, by retaining only an informative subset of the common-feature constraints. Experimental results based on visual and inertial measurements collected from multiple users within large buildings are used to assess the performance of the proposed CM algorithm.

might be of use will read further


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