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Cape Wrath Trail

Dear British colleagues,

While randomly browsing around I noticed the Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland's Northern Highlands. It surprised me, since I hike part of this trail in the (sort of) summer of 2015. The trail is described in several books, and there is a website, but in 2015 there were no signposts for Cape Wrath Trail. Since here at OSM we have the policy to only map what is visible on the ground, I think that the routes which are not visible on the ground should not be on the map.

I contacted the original contributor the-mtc 26 February 2018 via the personal message system and 2 weeks ago via the changeset comment but did not get a response to either. Apparently this user has stopped contributing.

Since I am not part of the UK mappers, I would like to discuss here how to proceed. Currently I have no plans to go to the Northern Highlands in short term hmm to survey the place and see if there are now signposts. Has somebody recently been there (after the orignal entry of August 2016) and/or knowledge about the signpost status?

Cheers from Switzerland,

I am mapping as dikkeknodel and also active on the wiki as Dikkeknodel.


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