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Wrong, malformed and duplicate data at Menorca, Spain

Hello everybody!

Recently I discovered this ( changeset by a relatively new user (
The user added about 2600 hotels and apartments in the area of Menorca, Spain.
The problem with this changeset is that he
1. added all names of the hotels/apartments in upper case -> results in a huge mass of osmose bugs and is hard to read
2. added some inexisting hotels/apartments (e.g. in the ocean)
3. didn't take care of already existing hotels/apartments -> huge amounts of duplicate data

In my opinion this changeset should be fully reverted, because this changeset doesn't help anybody smile
The problem is that he didn't just added those wrong nodes but also modified them about one month later with this changeset: just for adding note=Hotels, villas i apartaments. Zones recollida bus discrecional

I have no idea how one can fully revert those two changesets... Does anybody of you know how?

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