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#1 2018-02-20 22:51:36

Olaf Simons
From: Gotha
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Gotha's Adresses / geo-coordinates

Gotha's city archive ( … 9/10.70844) has helped me with three 19th-century lists (on Excel Files) of all the houses and their owners in 1828, 1841, 1846. I am thinking of connecting these data to geo-coordinates (for this project:

Who could provide me with a file of Gotha's present addresses and their respective geo-coordinates? Open Street map seems to have them all but I (merely a historian) am not quite the person to manage the specific download in a simple format like Excel or a Google Spreadsheet.

Contact me at - cheers.

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Erfurt University Historian at the Gotha Research Centre, Wikipedian since 2004


#2 2018-02-23 01:56:27

From: Warszawa
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Re: Gotha's Adresses / geo-coordinates

I'm not a geodata expert, but probably this query will let you export objects with addresses from this town in several formats:


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Re: Gotha's Adresses / geo-coordinates

Also discussed in german subforum ... … 67#p686267

OSM Profis sollten Anfänger mehr ermuntern und mehr unterstützen, damit die Gemeinschaft wächst und vielfältiger wird. Momentan vergrault man immer noch gerne.


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