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Bulk Data


I represent a company with about 2000 locations, and manually updating each profile is not feasible. Is there anyone who I can contact to deliver the data in bulk?

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Re: Bulk Data

Hi,  Thank you for your interest!

It would be best to post in the Talk-US mailing list or the Imports-US mailing list

Someone reading either here or on one of those lists might be interested, but there is no guarantee.

The types of questions that need to be answered will be:
1.  What is the license for the dataset?   That is generally not a problem if your company created it and wants to place it into OpenStreetMap.

2.  How were the locations obtained?     How accurate is the placement?  If they were taken from a commercial Geocoder such as Google or Mapquest, it's not likely that the data can be placed into OpenStreetMap in bulk because of the original geocoder service license.


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